Secured and dedicated collaborative workspace for all team members, contents and media.


Quickly exchange all types of content (videos ProRes, SD, HD, PDF, images)

with team members by assigning rights and roles to each contributor.


Collaboration suite for all type of content.

Manage projects by folders and tree chart.

Invite teams, service providers and clients to access files by projects or folder.

Keep track of chat discussion and comments.


Accurately annotate all types of images and videos.

Export comments in PDF format.


Manage and centralize revisions until the final version.

Track the progress of projects with discussion thread, tasks and priorities.

Lock the final version.


High connectivity and compatibility with video editing and publishing tools.

Export content directly to broadcast platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Brightcove).


Manage project efficiency and team performance with accurate data,

analytic and dedicated dashboard.


Customization of the platform with your business brand image.

Tailored developments to integrate enterprise existing tools.

Dedicated training with 24/7 support.